Statement for reviewing insurance rates

To support people applying a loan to buy a home or buy a vehicle, etc., we offer lower insurance premium for people to "buy additions" while not increasing budget. In other words, buyers may get additional property or services for free. Actually, these insurance savings are not only good for buyers, but also good for sellers, who can use these "additional purchasing credits" to sell more products for "free" and gain more profits.

There are no any hidden fees for these insurance policies with lower rates. We offer better rates and that is it.

You will see two policies attached: one with perfect driving records and other one was not good. They both just purchased a new car through dealers offered financing.  


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Support business sales and buy referral

We offer lower insurance premium to save your buyers money, so that they can use the savings to buy more while not increasing their budget. In other words, Henry Agency support your sales, if you would give us referral for your customers to buy insurance from us. We will give sales credits to following businesses:

If you are selling automobiles, $1,500, click here

If you are selling home loan, $3,000, click here

If you are selling large home appliances, $750, click here

If you are selling TV shows and telephone services, $15 - $30 monthly, click here

If you are selling larger products with financing, $750, click here