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I would like helping you to protect your retirement income as followings. You may forward this sample to your friends.


Make your retirement pension much safer


In the US, it is pre-tax money (excluded from your annual income for tax return) to deposit into your IRA (individual retirement account), or 401k for your retirement, $5,500 a year ($12,500 for one employee). However, in most cases, your funds in the IRA/401k are 100% controlled by your bank/brokers, who you know nothing about, used your money invested in mutual funds on stock market. In other words, these brokers may cause you lose money, which they would be NOT liable for the loss and still receive commissions from those failed transactions. Therefore, your pension is not safe, since the 401k may become “201k (loss)” or worse, which you do not have any ways to complain.

In fact, lots of people are aware their IRA current situation, but still keep the risks going and did not do anything to protect their money. Why? Because most people believer IRA funds should be working in that way which they can do nothing to change. Also, people think money in IRA is just a number, which is NOT real money since it is far away from now, in 20 years or more. Therefore, most people do not want to think about it. If you were also thinks in this way, you would make a big mistake for your future financing of retirement. I can show you a better way to invest an IRA, which not only double your retirement income, but also make the income guaranteed for lifetime with no risks.

To make your pension safer and gain higher yield rates (guaranteed 5+% ), I made a sample quote called IRA Guaranteed Future Income pension plan. The one of largest life and financial insurance company in the US, offered the quote. This quote offered you a lifetime pension by using your funds in IRA or 401k. Assumed you are 45, started in $10,000, and continue to deposit pre-tax income $5,500 annually till 65, then retired at age 67. In this way, you not only take control for your tax deferral deposit, but also make your retirement income been guaranteed (12.2%) and you have no any risks. Please note this is a key difference between your banks and ours. Please see attached quote, and call me if need a real quote for you at 503-693-2423. Note, 1.) This is NOT a life insurance; 2.) We provide assistance to transfer your funds in your IRA to IRA of pension plan. Please click here to see the sample quote.


How the IRA pension plan operating – Detail Steps:

Step-1: Starting up: anyone, who like to have an IRA account or just want to buy an pension plan without IRA request, can give us a call to get a free quote to find out how much the investment results look like.

Step-2: It is a lifetime investment and requires a minimum amount of $5000 deposit to set up an pension plan account, and then the buyer can make additional deposits to add funds to this account anytime later with no limits. For an IRA account, it is better (flexible, not a must) to add an annual deposit $5500 ($6500 for age 50+) for tax deferral benefit.

Step-3: How the pension plan incomes pay out: minimum two years after deposits, buyers can require get investment paid back. The income payments can be monthly or annually for the buyer’s lifetime, the payment once started will never stopped until the buyer death. Also, once starting payment, no additional deposits allowed (tip: buyer can add a new account). There are several pay out options for buyers to choose to meet buyers actual needs, which will be listed in our original quote and buyers must choose one to start account setting up.


IRA pension plan FAQ;


Q. Is quoted income payout rate guaranteed for my lifetime?

A. Yes, it is.


Q. Why has two illustrations in your quote (one for guaranteed and other one for non-guaranteed)?

A. The guaranteed one was for your first deposited fund and the pension plan lifetime payment rate. The non-guaranteed one was for your projected funds that you plan to deposit in the future, which it only shows assumed the pension plan payout rate if you really make these deposits annually, therefore, it was non-guaranteed, since we did not receive your funds and our actual payments have not be contracted yet. In other words, non-guaranteed illustration would become guaranteed if you would really make these deposits.


Q. How can trust your rate on non-guaranteed illustration for my future deposits?

A. No worry. After first deposit, every year thereafter, the pension plan will mail you an annual statement, which attached a payment coupon for your deposit, just like your first deposit that states how much the payout rate would be, so that you know exactly how much you will get before you make this deposit. Therefore, once you made the deposit, your new income monthly payout is contracted and become guaranteed for your lifetime.


Q. What is a key different between investing in pension plan vs. in mutual funds (M.F.)?

A. The key different is: each time BEFORE you buy or add funds to pension plan, we not only let you know EXACTLY how much you can get when you retired, but also write the dollar amount into the contract for guarantee. However, each time when buying mutual funds, you know nothing how much you can get. Even worse, you do not have any control over those MFs when they are losing money, and you do not know whom you should complain to, even though somebody told you how good the FMs would be.


Q. Can I cancel my IRA pension plan contract after it started over 30 days?

A. No, you cannot. Within 30 days of a new contract, yes, you can cancel it.


Q. Can I make 100% cash withdrawal in advance? Is this same as the pension plan cancellation?

A. Yes, you can. So, as the pension policy disallows contract cancellation after 30 days, you still have rights to take most of your money back due to this feature, no penalty applied. This is our special benefit that most companies do not offer. This is almost the same as policy cancellation, but there is a slight difference that, after 100% withdrawal, the pension plan did not be canceled, instead, it is still alive till the buyer died. In addition to 100% cash withdrawal, we also offer 6 months advance withdrawal, which a buyer may receive 7 months payments together in advance, and then no payments received in following 6 months. Please note, all these features are only available for a few our products, not for all pension plans.


Q. If I died after a few years purchased this pension plan, how about my deposited funds?

A. The remaining funds will be transferred to your beneficiary who you appointed when you purchase the pension plan.


Hint: if you need more helps, please call me at 503-693-2423, or visit Please click here to see the sample quote.