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Special Health Insurance FAQ

Free Health Insurance
-- Yes, it's free for kids, also save 50% for adults. 10 minutes to apply

Good news, started in 2010, health care programs in OR and WA have received funding from the Federal to pay health coverage for uninsured residents and lower income families ($66,200- for 4, see table online), especially for children under age 19 that can get free health coverage, and also 50%-95% discount for adults. Please note the insurance plans are regular full coverage (medical, dental, and vision), and insurance providers will be: Kaiser, Providence, etc. Our specialists will assist you to complete the paper-work for free. Click items below to see the details:

P.S. FAQs listed below are for better understanding benefits of health care in OR and WA. If you know someone (co-workers, your employees, etc.) might need this benefit, please refer them to us, since it will become mandatory that everyone must carry health insurance. At that time, it is helpful to find a job if carrying health insurance.

1.) Q: Why are you doing this? Is it really free?
A: Yes, it is free. Our agency was appointed by Oregon Dept of Human Services to assist people get benefits of health care. Also, we can save you 20% for other insurance.

2.) Q: I was making $96,000 a year. Last month I was laid off and my family (me, wife and 2 kids) lost health insurance. Can we apply for this benefit?
A: Yes, you can, even if you may find a new job next month after you got approved. The benefits will last and renew in 12 month, once you applied.

3.) Q: I am self-employed, my family with 4 people, and making $44,000 a year. We have current health insurance. Can we apply for this benefit?
A: Yes, you can. Every family with 4 have same or lower income can apply, even if they already have insurance. It does not matter that you are self-employed or you are employed by a company.

4.) Q: My wife and I total make $77,000 a year and have three kids under 19. Can my family apply for any health benefits? Can I apply for the benefits by myself?
A: Yes, your kids are good to get, but not for you and your wife. You may do it by yourself, however, it might take you three months and still did not go though some steps. Our specialists can assist you complete all the paperworks and it only takes 10 minutes.