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3 Real Applications – How applied for 2015 Obamacare

Don't be “pre-estimate” misleading on HealthCare.gov, the government website, because it did not look into your family specific situations, so that its report wouldn’t be for your best interests. Also, Your coworkers and relatives may be misleading you, since they don’t really understand rules of Obamacare. So, please read 3 real applications below (Tips: if to use “pre-estimate” on HealthCare.gov, three families in the applications below would lose Tax Credits which they deserved.).


1.) A family has 5 members with total annual income $125,000.

The husband is an engineer working at Intel (contractor, 1099, not W-2 employee) and making $115,000 a year. The wife is a part-time babysitter making about $300 - $1,000 a month. They have three children, 25, 18, 8 years old. Last year, the family did not apply Obamacare and purchased health insurance on the market, which they paid $886 a month. This year, the husband came to my office to buy his contractor liability insurance, when I told him that his family might be good for tax credits if applying 2015 Obamacare. The husband and wife could not believe this, however, they decided to have a trail after I removed their misleading from his coworkers. Finally, I have this family applied and got approved tax credits, which can reduce over 50% of the insurance bill. In other words, in 2015, the total monthly bills of general liability insurance plus health insurance will be less than $886 (their old bill). Also, the health insurance will change deductible from $2,500 to $1,500.

Here is the wife said: “Henry, we should not listen to my friends. If we applied last year, the savings could be good for buying a car for my son.”


2.) A family has a restaurant business with annual sales of $146,000.

The family has 3 members, husband and wife work full time at their restaurant in Portland. Their daughter is studying in a college while working part time at the restaurant. Last year, the husband decided not to apply for Obamacare, because his friends said that his family was disqualified due to their income “too high”. So, they purchased family health insurance with $7,500 deductible from the market. This year, his wife called me to get a quote for family health insurance and told me the last year story. After reviewed this family income data, I told the restaurant owners that they should apply for Obamacare. Also, I pointed out that they purchased health insurance with the deductible was not meeting limits of Obamacare, so that they maybe still need to pay a whole family penalty. I have helped them to apply for Obamacare and they got approved $5,024 tax credits a year.

Here is the wife said: “We tried to be legal, but still not (avoid penalty). We are very disappointed that misleading.  If we applied last year, we may use the savings to hire someone help us. We are too busy.”


3.) A family already have health insurance through an employer.

This family has 3 members, husband, wife, and a daughter. The daughter is a fulltime student in a college. The family have total annual $69,000 incomes and got their health insurance through the wife's job. However, the employer only paid the insurance for the wife and provided some "discounts" for her family members to buy the insurance, so that the wife has to pay $425 a month for the insurance for her husband and daughter. This year, the family called me for auto and home insurance. I gave them a quote and also asked their health insurance, which the wife told me "we already had health insurance through my job which I paid $425 a month. Can you give us a quote also?" According to their situation, I helped them to apply for Obamacare. Here is the result: with an Obamacare health plan, the husband and daughter are only to pay $172 a month for the same coverages with a better provider, which the family saved $3,036 a year.

Here is the wife said: “Thanks for your help. I didn't realize my family would be qualified for Obamacare, since everybody told me that we couldn't get Obamacare because we already had health insurance through my job.”


Here are some key points we must clarify for 2016 Obamacare:

What is Obamacare? – It is totally different from Medicaid.

The Obamacare is not only for Medicaid or Medicare. It is a reform of health insurance. In other words, if you already received Medicaid or Medicare benefits before, you may ignore it. The Obamacare is more focusing on people with compromised income, which have to buy by themselves for health insurance, while, are not eligible for Medicaid benefits.   

Who would get the most from Obamacare?

The vast majority (86%) of Self-buyers of health insurance will be the beneficiaries of Obamacare. There three type of self-buyers:

1.) Self-employed individuals, include: agent and brokers, doctors, contractors, etc.

2.) Small business owners, include: restaurant, grocery store, beauty solons, various service stores, etc.

3.) Individuals and Workers without health insurance, include: Non-W-2 (1099) employees, part-time workers, non-benefit employees, unemployed individuals, etc.

People on above list, according to the Obamacare, if they do not meet Medicaid criteria, must buy health insurance by self, or called self-buyers. However, lots of these people did not apply for Obamacare in 2015, since most of them believed they might be disqualified. Why? The main reason was that they confused Obamacare with Medicaid and don't know they still have a chance to apply for tax credits, which spent 5 minutes may save $5,000 or more. The other reason was that some employers introduced a discounted health insurance to them, but did not pay for at least 50% as benefits. In fact, the discounted insurance was not the employer offered coverage, which did not block they to apply for Obamacare.

What is the best way to apply for Obamacare?

There are two ways to apply for 2016 Obamacare:

1.) Apply as individual and family (must input all your income data).

In Oregon, submit your application through a federal agency called FFM, which is different from CoverOregon.

In Washington and California, submit your application to the state web portals, the same processes as last year.

2.) Apply as a small business owner or employees (income data NOT required).

All applications should submit to the FFM portal. There is a special discount called SHOP for 2016. If a small business is hiring at least one full time employee, but less than 25, and the business pay at least 50% premium for health insurance of each full time employee, the owner can get tax credits up to 50% of total contribution every month. No income data required. Please note, this provides a great opportunity for owners and employees who as individuals are originally disqualified for Obamacare due to their higher income. For example, a 58 old doctor MD, owner of a clinic, made $195,000 net income in last year. He may be not qualified as individual for Obamacare this year, however, he can apply for tax credits, as a small business owner, from the SHOP, which he can get tax credits up to 50% of all his contributions for his family and employees health insurance. If the owner likes to share with the credits, everybody in the clinic can also legally get 50% off for their health insurance.

So, two ways, one to check income and the other one NOT to check income.  You must consult with us to find a better way. In order to let us legally access your personal information (like SSN, birthday, income, etc.), according to the US Privacy Law, it is better that you may first select me, Henry Hu, as your insurance agent. The easiest way to become your agent is that you choose one of our insurance services including: auto, home, life, renters, business, etc. Please visit our website for details.

Actually, rules in Obamacare are very accommodated for these self-buyers (about 86%) to get financial aid for health insurance. The biggest reason for doing this is government would gain more benefits than loss, if people become self-employed, instead of claim unemployment funds.

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